Freell Armoury

Handmade Martial Practice Equipment with world wide orders since 2016. Longswords, Arming sword, Thaiswords, Sabers, Katana, Yataghan, Shamshir, Spears, Halberds, Warscythe, Billhook and much more available for order from exist design or your own custom.



One handed and two handed swords both curved and straight blade.

Polearm heads (without shaft)

Spear, Halberd, Warscythe, Billhook, Naginata,

Polearm Gallery

Past products of polearms

Wooden shaft for polearms

Wooden Shaft for polearms or for staff.

Custom Swords

Decorated or irregular sword models.

Sword Gallery

Past produce swords

Custom Polearms

Polearms with more details or not preexist in the Regular category.

Other Gallery

Other made products that doesn't fit in other categories.